(At just 7 months of age)

Bronze GCH Graysong's Spirit Of Das Rheingold RN JH CA NRD V

OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal  (Whelped Oct. 31, 2011)

CH VonLuchbach's Back To The Future BROM

CH Smoky City EZ Moonstone JH NRD BROM

AM/CAN CH Valmar Smokey City Ultra Easy JH NSD BROM

CH CH Smokey City Jedda Arokat

CH Smokey City Tot'L Instigator NA BROM

CH Smokey City El Nino, JH, BROM

(BISS National Winner) CH Smokey City D'Nunder Lazer Beam BROM

CH Graysong's Dancing Isadora JH BROM

BISS CH Nani's Graysong Jackpot JH CGC

(BISS National Winner) CH Nani's Indecent Exposure JH NAJ V HOF BROM (Top Producing Sire)

CH Nani's Jagmar Sweet Dividends VCD2 TD MH CDX MX MXJ NSD NRD VX4 BROM (Top Producing Dam)

CH Smoky City Expectation BROM

CH Smokey City El Nino JH BROM

Telmar Hot Topic Of Rushland BROM

Odin Has been an amazing dog is so many ways. He excels at almost anything his owner (Karl Brauning) asks him to do. He finished his Bench Championship easily by the time he was a year old & then went on to defeat top ranked show dogs on multiple occasions starting at just 13 months of age. He earned his Grand Champion title, became a Group placer & finished as a top 20 Show dog all by his second birthday, shown on a very limited basis. Not only is Odin an exceptional Show Dog, but a true bird dog as well, earning his Junior Hunt title with enthusiasm & style.  After earning his CA, Odin has now earned a Versatile title from the WCA.  Karl intends to continue showing Odin occasionally and work towards a Senior Hunt title this year. We couldn't be more proud of this wonderful dog and his owner. Odin Is available at Stud to approved bitches.



Effortless flowing gait

At 13 Months of Age

Marking The Fall

Water Retrieve

Odin with his Owner Karl Brauning