CH Graysong's One Tough Cookie

OFA:  Hips Good, Elbows Normal.  Whelped (August 31, 2010)


BISS CH Nani's Graysong Jackpot, JH, CGC

(BISS/National Winner) CH Naniís Indecent Exposure JH NAJ V BROM (Top Producing Sire)

CH Colsidex Nani Reprint, JH SD BROM

CH Naniís Tattletale JH NSD BROM

CH Nani's Jagmar Sweet Dividends VCD2 TD MH CDX MX MXJ NSD NRD VX4 BROM (Top Producing Dam)

CH Nani's Concert Master SH BROM

AM/CAN CH Nani's Sweet Investment CD BROM

CH Graysong N Silhouette Double Dare Ya JH

GCH CH Smokey City Nanis DBL Silhouette BROM (Westminster Best Of Breed Winner)

(BISS/National Winner) CH Nani's Indecent Exposure JH NAJ V BROM (Top Producing  Sire)

(BIS/BISS National Winner) CH Smoky City Hail Mary BROM

CH Graysong's Dancing Isadora JH BROM

BISS CH Nani's Graysong Jackpot, JH, CGC

CH Smoky City Expectation, BROM

Our singleton Miracle puppy was born & bred to become a Champion with one of the most impressive Show pedigrees in the Breed, chalked full of multiple National Specialty Winners, Top producing BROM (Bench Register Of Merit) Sires & Dams, not to mention Top notch Hunting stock! With Her confident attitude, outstanding conformation, movement, & natural stacking ability
, she quickly became a Bench Champion earning a 5 point Specialty Major, then finishing with another major under esteemed Judge Patricia Trotter.  That same weekend, she earned two GCH select awards over ranked Specials at the Northstar Specialty in Cambridge, MN all before the age of two!!  She is now pursuing her true passion.....Hunting!!!  Skipping the Junior phase, she is currently training for her Senior hunting Title ......then on to Master..... Stay Tuned!!!!

Todd Bottle feeding our precious baby Cookie

What are you looking at Mommy

Fun in her first snow

Water training (age 2)

Always a regal girl (Age 7 months)

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